Saturday, January 2, 2016

Lynn Hung is successfully accepted into Kwok Family and calls Frankie Lam as 'Brother In-Law'

Renowned model Lynn Hung (熊黛林) and her boyfriend Kwok Ho Chung (郭可頌) were wearing black shades when appearing at Hong Kong airport around 7.45. Lynn was full of smiles upon seeing the reporters and when asked if she enjoyed the vacation with Kwok's family at Okinawa Prefecture, Lynn said: "I am happy. (Spends lot of money?) Bought some souvenirs." Asking Ho Chung if Kenix Kwok bought any gift for his girlfriend, Ho Chung shook his head with smiles and Lynn immediately tried to explain: "There is gifts. (Getting along happily?) Yes. (You take good care of Kenix's (郭可盈) daughter?) She is very cute and obedient." When asked if she loved to take care of children, Lynn did not show any response but asking again if they saw any local wedding venue, she said: "We went for vacation. (Going for vacation with your boyfriend only next time?) Different place will be good."

When the reporters discovered Ho Chung remained silent throughout the interview and when asked if he was unused to facing the media, he smiled and said: "Yes. (Will give present to make up to your girlfriend?) I always give her presents." Asking if he will give a ring as gift, Ho Chung did not reply and when asked again if his girlfriend was worth 100 marks, he said: "I always give her 100 marks. (When you will go for vacation again?) No planning yet." Next, asking if they will countdown together for New Year's Day, Lynn replied she needed to work in overseas and her boyfriend will be accompanying his family in Hong Kong. As for Lunar New Year, Lynn disclosed she will be visiting her relatives in Nanjing. When asked if Ho Chung visited her parents, Lynn said: "He visits them many times. (Return to Nanjing together?) Will accompany my own family in celebration for New Year. (Two families travel together?) It do not cross my mind before."

At the carpark, Ho Chung immediately called Frankie Lam (林文龍) as brother in-law and Lynn followed her boyfriend to greet Frankie as brother in-law as well. Looks like Lynn is accepted into Kwok family ultimately. Lynn and Ho Chung then boarded another vehicle and drove off after the greetings. Frankie expressed he was waiting for his wife and daughter and said: "The leads are important." He then immediately hugged and kissed his daughter who was smiling upon seeing him. When the reporters asked if they had an enjoyable time, Kenix said: "Yes and very happy."

Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal
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