Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lynn Hung: I feel like I have another mummy

Supermodel Lynn Hung (熊黛林) attended a magic show event at Studio City in Macau. She was one of the guest selected to participate in the magic show and as this was her first time participating, she greeted the audience when she appeared on stage. Originally, a metal shelf was covered with a cloth, but when Lynn casted her magic spell, a fiery red Ferrari appeared. Although the magic was very simple, the audience did enjoy it by taking lots of photos and video recordings.

Need to bring her boyfriend out to play

As for her first time doing magic, Lynn gave herself 100 points: "My very first magic show was successful! Normally magic shows are performed by males". She was asked whether her boyfriend knows how to do magic? She said: "He doesn't know. I will need to bring him along next time". She admitted that this was a rare opportunity to see a magic show after coming to Macau: "I have never came to Macau and play. There is also a Batman theatre, it is awesome!" She said that she felt very nervous before the show: "I have tried basic magic before, pretending to make something fly, but it was really cool this time!" (Do you dare to challenge a more difficult magic?) I need to change to sport shoes, it's difficult wearing high heels.

The Kwok family really cares about me

She was asked whether she has time to have a date with her boyfriend during the Lunar New Year? Lynn said: "I am dating everyday, but I will be busy filming on the upcoming days". (Going to your boyfriend's home for the Lunar New Year Greetings?) I will be in Nanjing for the first and second day. (Any plans to travel around the world with your boyfriend?) I want to, but this time is a family trip. I have not been on a trip with my boyfriend's family. We have a lot of time to spend together and to get to know each other as well. His sister (Kenix Kwok 郭可盈) and mummy really care about me and think of me as their family member. (Future mother-in-law is satisfied with you?) I do not dare to ask her. I feel like I have another mummy, but I think she is okay with me.

Getting married this year? 

Lynn was asked if there is any good news for announcement? She sweetly smiled and said: "I'm not too sure. The reporter told Lynn that this year is the year of the monkey and is a good year to do something special. She admitted: "I'll see if I can get it done in time". (Is there a consensus with your boyfriend?) "He can handle bigger matters and I'll handle small matters, haha. In fact, I hate being bothered". She was asked again if her boyfriend has proposed to her? She said she will announce the good news when the time comes.

Source: ON.CC (HK) 
Translated by: lucychoi559 @ Asian E-News Portal
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