Saturday, January 16, 2016

Raymond Lam takes the MTR after 5 years

Singer Raymond Lam (林峯) will officially hold his Heart Attack concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum on April 29th to May 1st. His company EEG used a seven digit amount of money to help out with the concert promotions. Besides a large billboard was bought on the Hong Kong Cross Harbour Tunnel, other districts in Hong Kong include: Kowloon and New Territories, and MTR Stations were also placed with a total of 200 billboards for the concert promotion. Usually Raymond who travels in his own private car, today took the MTR instead. He appeared at Mongkok, Admiralty and Central MTR stations to check on his concert billboards, but he attracted hundreds of passers-by and onlookers. The scene was very chaotic!

Tickets are so much thicker now

At about 4pm, Raymond arrived at the crowded Mongkok in his nanny van. When he walked straight into the MTR station, passers-by immediately took a peek and thought 'why' is Raymond Lam here? Onlookers took out their phones for filming and take photos of Raymond. Afterwards, Raymond used his money to buy his MTR ticket and then forgot to collect his change. It was a funny scene and he laughed and said: "The tickets are so much thicker now!" When it was time to go through the gates, Raymond who hasn't caught the MTR for a while, did not realise that cards can be used for a one-way ticket. It was a funny atmosphere! Afterwards, he went to the platform to wait for his train and even took photos with people while waiting. Many people from the crowd were of different ages - male and females, young to elderly. He then caught his MTR to Admiralty and many people followed him, filling up one whole carriage.

Chok and Cute

During the ride, Raymond was busy taking selfies and talking with fans non-stop. He was getting close with everyone and even gave some chok and cute poses. He was indeed making his fans happy and he even used the staff's camera to film his fans. The very attentive Raymond Lam reminded everyone not to be busy taking photos, but be careful not to fall down. When he finally arrived at Central, he did not know whether to scan or put his card through the machine to exit. This caused a lot of laughter from his fans.

Haven't caught the MTR for 5 years

During an interview, Raymond said he used to catch the MTR back and forth from school. The last time he caught the MTR was 5 years ago. When he spoke about riding it again this time, it was like a country bumpkin out to the city: "I didn't know you can scan your card for the new subway (MTR)! I also realised that the subway has improved a lot with many food stores. I am very happy this time that there is close contact with fans, but it was all so sudden. I would also want to have this type of close contact at the concert. (The type of close contact like just then?) Maybe even more closer. Every year I wanted to get closer and closer with the fans.

Enjoy walking the markets

For the whole 45 minutes, stepping into Mongkok, Admiralty and Central, he admitted that he wasn't scared by the sudden large crowd of people: "Everyone followed orders". (Ride more MTR from now on?)  I have always wanted to take more public transportation, but it's just inconvenient for work.  In fact, I like walking the streets and especially the markets. A lot of people from the neighborhood can see me. (Which places do you visit frequently?) I mostly go to Hong Kong Island, because I use to live in Hong Kong Island while growing up. I am not familiar with Kowloon. (Organise another random appearance again?) "That's a good idea. I enjoy doing these things. You can see me on the streets in person and not only on stage". Raymond also said that the concert has just started accepting credit card for pre-tickets sale: "I heard the current ticket sales are going well.Thank you for everyone's support. I hope to meet everyone more often".

Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: lucychoi559 @ Asian E-News Portal
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