Monday, January 4, 2016

Raymond Lam minded it when pointed to using connections to join showbiz

Artiste Raymond Lam (林峯) accepted an interview from radio station and discussed about his work experiences. He worked in TVB for 15 years and was heavily groomed by the company after joining showbiz. Raymond left TVB in year 2014 and said: "Honestly speaking, I have been considering for 2 to 3 years before deciding to leave. Filming series for many years, the series themes is starting to repeat and I have tried out many roles. Thus, the passion is reducing gradually and the main reason for departing is to have breakthrough and hope to gain experience in other areas than filming series. (Wishes to focus on singing after leaving?) Singing has always been my dream since young and it is difficult to manage singing and filming movies when I am very busy with filming series. I hope to have more developments in singing and filming movies. (Do you feel you cannot bear to leave TVB on your last day?) Nope as it is not an impulse decision and I feel I want to perform better once leaving. Also, the relationship with my boss is good and I receive lots of supports."

Admitted to signing one hundred million dollars contract indirectly

It was rumoured that Raymond Wong (黃百鳴) and Paco Wong (黃柏高) tried to approached him after leaving TVB and he decided to sign contract with EEG eventually: "We had a long discussion with Raymond Wong and Paco Wong and they knew what I wanted. I wish to be involve in singing and filming movies and it is hard to find an organisation with large resources to do two things. Hence, the choice is very limited." When mentioned about the rumours that he signed one hundred million contract with EEG, Raymond did not deny and say: "Money is definitely one of the concerns and everyone wishes to earn more money when working very hard. Long time ago, Louis Koo told me to use money as the consideration and motivation to work. EEG gives me lots of supports and allows me to sing and film movies and the colleagues treat me extremely nice. I feel it is most important that the company is able to give me a sense of belonging and the colleagues are fully devoted to work for me. I feel very honoured to find this sense of belonging."

Afraid to be pointed that he does not deserve the Award

Raymond Lam's wealthy family background has always been the media attention since joining showbiz and was pointed of using connections as well. Raymond admitted that he minded those rumours before and said: "I requested from the awards department not to give me any awards as everyone felt I received the award based on connections. I also felt uncomfortable when winning award and did not speak for two minutes when receiving award once. At that point, I was thinking about everyone's thoughts and hoping they will not think I do not deserve the award."

Receives supports from his parent

When asked if he was 'labelled' for having a wealthy father, Raymond said: "It is unlike what everyone is thinking. Since joining showbiz until today, I only have financial difficulty during the first year but is able to pay back the money to my father from second year. (Did your father give you a specific timeframe to stop working in showbiz?) Around 2 to 3 years but I will continue to do it if you disallow me. However, my parent allow me to continue working in showbiz due to satisfactory results. (Your father requests you to take over the family business?) Nope, they do not give me any pressure and fortunately my parent is open-minded."

Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal
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