Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Moses Chan arrives late at Nancy Wu's dinner

On 02 January,  artiste Nancy Wu (胡定欣) hosted a dinner event, inviting all the artistes and staff from the drama Ghost of Relativity (鬼同你OT). Moses Chan (陳豪) who was late by an hour was booed by the reporters, he immediately apologised and felt embarrassed.

Later, Moses explained that he had to look after his two sons and that was the reason why he had arrived late: "This is the most embarrassing moment and the busiest time looking after the kids. I have to bathe them, feed them and put them to sleep. I haven't finished everything at home and had to rush here, not realising I was this late". (Have you thought about not coming here?) Of course not, why should I miss out the fun.

Personally look after the children

Moses Chan also said that he would help out his wife Aimee (陳茵媺), with the two little masters in the family. He was asked how would he manage when the third child arrives into the family? Moses smiled and said: "More people should come and give a helping hand, but most importantly now is the time when the children should be sleeping". (Hire one more housemaid?) We already have two, plus me and Aimee personally look after the children too. I like to look after them personally because it's important to develop the parent-child relationship. We need to cherish the children at this period of time, it's like our eldest son who is turning two years old in a blink of an eye. He is starting to run, jump around and talk. Everything is different now, our youngest son is still a baby. So we have to cherish everything at this short period of time.

Difficult to manage time

Moses was asked if this affects his work? Moses denied: "No, it's just a casual dinner, so nothing to worry about". When reporters booed him for arriving late for the dinner, Moses was embarrassed and said: "I am very busy, can't manage time when becoming a daddy. I will try my best to manage time. To break off the topic, Moses said he is happy to be invited to dinner. He was asked if he would pay for the dinner to make up for being late? Moses was embarrassed and smiled again: "She (Nancy Wu) is so happy to receive the TV Queen award! I'll talk about it when I start working"

Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: lucychoi559 @ Asian E-News Portal
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