Monday, April 10, 2017

Married But Available has a happy ending

The drama Married But Available (我瞞結婚了) recently ended! Raymond Wong's (黃浩然) character who was suffering from a stage 3 cancer, has caused many of his female fans to tear up. Luckily TVB decided to create a happy ending and not let Raymond's character leave. At the end, Raymond's cancer was cured and even married Priscilla Wong (黃翠如). Also Tony Hung (洪永城) was marrying Priscilla Wong. Does this mean Priscilla has committed a bigamy offence? Clever writers quickly solved the problem by having Priscilla play an extra character.

In fact, in the last episode, all the misunderstandings have been explained. During the last episode, there is an unforgettable scene when Raymond, Priscilla and Tony went camping and the three of them even rode a tandem bicycle and also had a BBQ. It is difficult for a woman to have two husbands. A lot of viewers were anticipating whether Priscilla would choose Raymond or Tony. Is it the saying 'The elder brother lost his wife'? Choosing the either two will also lead to dissatisfaction by fans. If Raymond's character did die or Priscilla chooses to be with Tony, many fans will also be dissatisfied by either choices. It must have been a lot of difficulty to have a happy ending.

However, the magical things happen again. During Raymond's recuperation period, surprisingly an exact look alike Priscilla looks after him. The only differences was that she had red hair and green eyes and loved eating chocolates. It was like a parallel time and space to the drama Swipe Tap Love (愛我請留言) chocolate sister (Priscilla) and sport shoes dad (Raymond) continuing their relationship.

Of course the writer's did not forget about Tony and Priscilla's happy ending. The end of the episode tells the two who was on the same plane. When their plane was making a sharp drop from mid air, flight attendants gave out a piece of paper to people to write their final messages. During the drop their letters blew away and received each other's written message. That is when they both realise they were on the same plane and even held hands, but luckily the plane landed safely during the emergency. No one was injured and of course the scene explained no further, leaving a series of mystery.

Source: hk01
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