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Flora Chan's two year old drama is yet to be aired

TVB has been replaying the drama Healing Hands (妙手仁心), with the cast Lawrence Ng (吳啟華), Ada Choi (蔡少芬), Bowie Lam (林保怡), Flora Chan (陳慧珊) and more. Many viewers are taken back to the memories of the quality of the drama and the late nights staying up to watch it.

Recently, the airing of Healing Hands was about Bowie and Flora, who was about to start dating after many bickering like enemies, but Bowie still can't forget about the death of his girlfriend and is trying to leave the past behind. Bowie was meant to have dinner at Flora's house, but instead he went to a bar for drinks and met a woman. The couple went to Flora's house and went straight into a bedroom. Flora who later found out was angry and upset about the situation. Ada Choi who was also present sided on Flora's side, lecturing Bowie and telling him he isn't a human being.

Back then, the two female leads: Ada Choi and Flora Chan was loved by many viewers. After many years, Ada is keeping her youthful look, recently returned to TVB to film Oh My Grad! (老表, 畢業啦!) As for Flora, she still has a lot of fans. She always had a cool look and with her fluent English, she mostly plays a role in a professional career. In dramas like; The File of Justice V (壹號皇庭V), and Healing Hands (妙手仁心) as lawyers. Untraceable Evidence (鑑證實錄) as a forensic coroner and Triumph In The Skies (衝上雲霄) as a flight attendant involving in a love triangle between Joe Ma (馬德鐘)and Francis Ng (吳鎮宇). After Flora married in 2006, she left the tv screen for a while and focused on her family and raising her daughter. Not until 2014, she returned for the TVB drama Never Dance Alone (女人俱樂部).
In fact, she has also finished filming an upcoming drama Watch Out Boss (波士早晨) and plays a senior secretary. The drama was filmed back in 2015 and was also Flora's last drama. The drama still has no airing date, despite being two years old and the drama has a lot of great cast including; Flora, Ben Wong (黃智賢), Tony Hung (洪永城), Ali Lee (李佳芯) and Waise Lee (李子雄). Unfortunately the producer Kwan Wing Zhong (關永忠) has left TVB for a while.

Kwan Wing Zhong who was also the producer of the recent finished drama Tiger Mom Blues (親親我好媽). Before the drama aired, many did not have high expectations from it, but it received high ratings overall. The two young actress and actor, Kaman Kong (江嘉敏) and Matthew Ho (何廣沛) received a lot of praises for their good acting. After Tiger Mom Blues, a lot of people are now anticipating for Watch Out Boss and wants TVB to air it soon, instead of airing Mainland dramas. hk01 tried to contact producer Kwan Wing Zhong and ask about the highly anticipated drama Watch Out Boss, but he did not respond. It is known that he is currently in Hangzhou filming for a web drama. It is known that Mainland web dramas are a hit, with serious productions. The productions are highly cost effective compared to TVB and it seems like Kwan Wing Zhong leaving TVB was an impressive idea.

Source: hk01 (HK)
Translated by: lucychoi559 @ Asian E-News Portal
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