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Gigi Leung: Daughter must learn Cantonese

Last year, Gigi Leung (梁詠琪) released a song called BeSide Me (B面第一首). This song was released to celebrate her 20th anniversary since entering the music industry. Many other artistes may have celebrated their anniversaries like this, but for 40 year old Gigi, it is meaningful for her after giving birth. "The weight of life seems to be difficult. I have always wanted a child who will know the feeling of life". On February 28th, Sofia turned two years old. After the language learning phase, it is time for her to stand on the starting line to experience many things in life. As a mother, it is important to educate your child". Will she be just learning Spanish from her father? Our daughter is only two years old.

Afraid BeSide Me would not be a hit song

When BeSide Me was written, it had to be a hit song and cannot be second or third on the song chart. I was positive that I have my fans's power and they would listen to it". After Sofia was born, Gigi's life was indeed beautiful. "After giving birth, you suddenly feel you have to take full responsibility, to be responsible for her diet, responsible for her education. It feels like the weight of life is yet to be at ease.

Before your child is enrolled in school, as a parent you need to layout a plan for your child's education. I know for a fact that a parent needs to be calm in most situations and provide the best lifestyle for your child's education. (Has she received the second round of preschool interview?) Gigi replied with a few answers and can tell she is not a overprotective mother. "My daughter is only two years old, therefore my overprotective instincts is yet to be seen. Being a parent for the first time, it is important to know how to make a child happy. I have yet to think about which school my daughter will attend. It could be because my parents were like this to me. I never objected being an artiste and being a singer. However, it is important to be responsible of your own choices". At home Gigi has to play the tiger mum. "I am quite strict at home, I am responsible for speaking the reasons and have to let me finish talking before leaving. Sofia may not show her reactions, but you can slowly see her change.

Must learn Cantonese

Gigi's husband is Spanish and Europeans focus on raising their children happy. Whereas in an Asian family, knowing how to speak their native language and communicating with their family is essential.
"I explained to my husband that I attended a spoon fed education and there are many advantages, but I am unsure whether I would send my child to attend school overseas or stay in Hong Kong". Gigi said that when she is with her daughter, she would communicate with her in Cantonese. "Firstly, I feel more comfortable speaking in Chinese and I would tell her to listen to me speak because if she attends an international school, having an additional language to speak at home is important. At this stage, you cannot force your child to learn certain things, but I do hope she learns early. If she moves out in the future, it may be difficult for her to learn the language elsewhere. I do not have high demands, but if she understands is enough".

It's better to do it yourself than forcing        

A husband and wife needs to have agreements and that is to teach your child well. "Educating your child is very important. My husband and I want our daughter to have a habit of reading books. We both like to read before going to sleep. We want our daughter to be the same, to be able to read herself before bedtime. I would like to have about half an hour each day of reading time at home as a family, allowing her to experience the atmosphere of reading". In fact, Gigi has learnt a lot of these things from a children's psychology book. When teaching a child, you do not have to yell or hit them, all you need is little skills and later they will listen to you. "If they cry, whinge and disobeys your orders, all you need to do is spend more time and energy. It may take weeks and months and eventually they will start doing things themselves and listen to instructions".

Source: hk01 (HK)
Translated by: lucychoi559 @ Asian E-News Portal
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