Thursday, December 3, 2015

Aaron Kwok talks about his old and new love and might get married suddenly

Heavenly King, Aaron Kwok (郭富城) attended a Christmas event at the Central and it was his first public appearance after announcing his relationship on 01 December. He replied thank you to the reporters upon receiving their congratulations. When mentioned about his thoughts after receiving award, Aaron seemed prepared to answer the relationship questions and said: "I am certain everyone knows about the recent happenings in my life and everybody sees me grow up. I used to be low-key in handling relationship but has change my thinking now. Hope to get the recognitions and blessings from everyone and it is hard to predict the future. (Thus, announcing the relationship?) There will be changes in every stage and hope the announcement will not affect my work. (Confirm?) Everyone has his/her past and I wish to change my current life. (Dating for years?) Nope. (1 month?) Very short period. (What attracts you?) You will know in the future. (Your girlfriend is very coquettish?) This is personal affair. (How do you know each other?) Introduced by friend during eating. (Introduced by Julian Cheung (張智霖)?) Nope and please do not be mistaken. I know her when eating and I am very happy to know her. Hope to get everyone's blessings. (Getting married?) It is hard to predict the future and announcing our relationship means we suit each other which is another stage. (Give security to your girlfriend?) Not that complicated. (Is surrounded in the airport and this frightens your girlfriend?) The reporters are passionate. Wish to have a low-key personal life and boyfriend has the duty to protect his friend. (How do you spend your 6 days?) Needs another interview then. (Age gap?) It does not matter and having the same interest is most important. Anyway, I do not resemble my real age."

Asking if he will go for sudden marriage, Aaron said: "Let's leave it to fate. (Wish to set up family?) Hope the past is over. We will develop slowly and announcing it means honesty. (Holding hands in public?) It is normal during dating. (Used to be low-key?) Hope to have some changes now and receive everyone's supports. (Understand your girlfriend's past?) Everyone has his/her past. (Hope to get married?) We are developing seriously. (She calls you as 'husband'?) Is it? (Calls her as 'Zhu Zhu 豬豬'?) Needs another interview again."

Hinting to his old love that life is not a battle

When mentioned about Wang Si Cong (王思聰) admitted Moka Fang (方媛) was his old love, Aaron expressed he had no reply: "Everyone has to learn about respecting the opposite party and has his/her past." Mentioning about his old love, Lynn Hung (熊黛林) sending her blessings, Aaron replied yes and asking if she was happy now, he said: "I hope everyone will be happy." When somebody asked about questions related to Lynn Hung again, Aaron was hesitate and could not answer after some time. He then suddenly said something: "I have something to tell everybody that life is not a war and not competition."

Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal
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