Monday, February 13, 2017

Louisa Mak meets a mystery man

25 year old former Miss Hong Kong, Louisa Mak (麥明詩) and Joe Lam (麥明詩) have previously been in an underground love. After their breakup, many people around her including: pharmacists to restaurant owners were rumored to be lining up to pursue her. On 08 February, Louisa was seen meeting with a new man. The two were seen to be on a 2 hour sweet date at Tin Shui Wan. After the two departed, the mystery man accepted a reporter's interview and praised Louisa as a smart girl, with a beautiful smile, and with a good first impression.

Louisa Mak is known to be a straight A student and graduated from a Bachelor's degree at University of Cambridge. After graduating she returned to Hong Kong and participated in the 2015 Miss Hong Kong, where she became the winner. She was then in a relationship with her lawyer boyfriend, Joe Lam. Last year they announced their breakup after being together for 3 years, but the two were still frequently seen meeting up with each other. It seems like the two are in an underground relationship and both are kept seeing with a new love interest. Louisa are constantly being in a lot of new rumors, as of yesterday she was seen with a new mystery man at Tin Shui Wan.

Louisa seen smiling throughout meeting

On 08 February at 4pm, reporters discovered Louisa waiting outside Tin Shui Wan's shopping mall. She was seen bored and constantly pressing her phone. It seems like she was killing time while waiting for someone. About half an hour later, a handsome man hurriedly appeared and Louisa had a smile on her face as soon as she saw him. The two then shook hands and said hello, it seems like it's their first time meeting. However, the two chose a popular dating area in Tin Shui Wan for their first meeting and they might have some room for a relationship development. The two first shopped around the mall and then later went into a cafe, where they spent the whole two hours chatting. The mystery man sure knows how to sweet talk with women because Louisa is constantly smiling during their conversation. After paying their bill, they walked to the parking lot.

It is later known that the mystery man is named Emil Cheung (張存華). He is a marketing director of a sports company and he is also an NBA commentator and a program host. Few days ago, Louisa confirmed to the media: "This was our first meeting. He is a marketing PR and the purpose we met was to see if there is a chance we could work together. Tin Shui Wan was our meeting point because I needed to charge my car battery". In relation to her and Joe Lam's breakup: "Recently me and my family went on a trip to Samui for Chinese New Year. I would not reply to anything related to him, I do not know anything".

On the other hand, as for Emil who shares post fitness photos, an online netizen left a message: "Great body, 40 inch giant chest". Emil accepted Apple Next Media's interview and said: "Of course not 40 inch chest. They like to joke around. Yesterday was our first time meeting each other". He was then asked how they knew each other? Emil knew, but would not reply: "Please don't ask. I'm afraid this would ruin our current relationship". He was asked whether he was planning to pursue the former Miss Hong Kong? He nervously said: "Don't say this kind of thing, there's a lot of pressure. I think she is a smart girl, but I can't pursue her when we only just met. Wait till we know each other longer".

Prefer strong-willed women

He was asked whether Louisa was his cup of tea? Emil said: " She is a smart girl. I like smart girls. I feel as though she is a nice person. She is very talented, has a sweet smile and has big eyes. She also came back from England which makes her a special person. She is known to be a strong-willed woman, my boss is also one. That is why I feel as though we can get along well. I like women who is strong-willed. Currently Hong Kong is very complex, so that is why a strong-willed woman is a charm".

Source: Apple Daily (HK)
Translated by: lucychoi559 @ Asian E-News Portal
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