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Bobby Au Yeung imagines his filming site as a theme park

Bobby Au Yeung's (歐陽震華) series has brought a lot joy for the viewers, but since filming started, everyone has been filming non-stop day and night for consecutive months. The very optimistic Bobby also faces many challenges during filming. This time collaborating with old friend and mate Wu Fung (胡楓), he has been inspired by being told to think of a film site as a theme park, as this is known as Philosophy of Happiness.

Not that rich, but can still be cool

Recently I was watching The Treadmill Runner (贏在起跑線), I saw the pressures of mothers and their children. There was a parent who said Hong Kong has two types of people who aren't cool: 1) someone who doesn't have a house 2) people who don't children, because they are either spending their whole life paying off a house. People who have children are living in a pressured society, trying to focus on what is best for their children's/child's future. I have neither of them, I have no economic burden and I have a place to live in. That's why I'm still cool!

I live a very simple lifestyle, my daily meals are simple. You don't have to eat good food for every meal. Good meals are always invited by people, haha! Being at home eating salted fish and green vegetables is not a problem and you don't have to spend much money. Sometimes I buy toy cars to play with, without the need to spend million of dollars on a real car. If it was a real car, I would purchase a new one when there is a need to. But, in the recent years, I have been travelling a lot, because in the past I had no economic capability to do that! I've pretty much been to places where I want to go and I'm afraid of heights! I dislike long flights and in the recent years, I've been to places that are close. Not too far, 4-5 hours flight would be the best, especially Taiwan. I go there a few times within a year, for food, massage, sleep and relax a bit. Taiwan should find me as their tourism ambassador!

Treasure old things

I always seem like a happy person on television, but sometimes filming for months, going to work everyday, I feel very exhausted and would like to take a break. I feel like my mind is out of control and my mental health and well-being are affected. I asked Wu Fung about this problem and at his current age, he has grandchildren and luck. He doesn't need to worry about anything. I asked him what mentality does he come to work with, he said he pretends to be a child going to a theme park. I asked him whether he has thought about retiring, he said he won't because retiring feels like death. Fung Gor (Wu Fung) uses this type of mentality when going to work, someone giving you money to go play! How happy can that be! I have started to change, by using the Fung Gor's mentality when heading to work.

Although Fung Gor is around 80 years of age, but he has great mentality and good flexibility. Sometimes he would randomly give me a question and I wouldn't even know how to answer him. The most funniest moment is when we start working, he would always hide his script. He would only bring the script which is only for the day's filming, and after filming, everyone will notice Fung Gor's hidden script around the film site.

Fung Gor sees me carrying a metal box and says why carry something heavy. In fact, the metal box have been with me for ten years. I use it for my scripts, makeup, hold two pair of shoes and I could even use it as a seat while waiting for my turn to shoot. They don't sell this type of box anymore, but it's good for exercise. For me, old things are more beautiful, sometimes old things are better than new. It's always important to treasure old things.

Thanks to a great group of actors and actresses

After filming House of Spirits (一屋老友記), Bobby thinks Nancy Wu (胡定欣) deserves TV Queen with her outstanding acting. Bobby says the high ratings are due to a great group of actors and actresses.

I have known Nancy Wu for many years and I still remember the first time I spoke to her, she asked me for a jumper cable because her car had no more battery. At that time, she was still a young girl and I cannot believe now I can collaborate with her. A lot of people have asked me if there was a lot of pressure for the drama to get a better rating. I said as long as filming is finished, I have done my job and viewers enjoy it, nothing matters. Nowadays, Hong Kong viewers don't just watch dramas because of the story line, they would only watch it because their favourite actor or actress are in it.

Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: lucychoi559 @ Asian E-News Portal
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