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Julian Cheung and Charmaine Sheh reminisced about Return of the Cuckoo series

(Picture, from left to right: Julian Cheung, Charmaine Sheh)

It is believed that many people have fond memories of 'Cho Ko Ko 初哥哥' and 'Chuk Kwan Ho 祝君好'. After 15 years, stylish male actor, Julian Cheung (張智霖) and TV Queen, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) collaborated again on movie version, Return of the Cuckoo (十月初五的月光). They also established great rapport during the interview. When asked about amusing incidents happened during the filming, Julian exposed he 'removed his brief 底褲都除埋' for the sake of filming love movie. Charmaine told Julian to be matchmaker to introduce guys to her when asking about her love life.

Julian = J, Charmaine = C

J: We acted the same role but become mature together with the role in reality. It seems that I have not seen any series filmed into movie version. We filmed after 15 years and can we apply Guinness World Records (健力士世界紀錄)?

C: Kwan Ho (君好) has lots of changes. She used to be happy-go-lucky and spoilt at that time.

J: It was based on love theme and young girl's emotion previously. This time, it is focused on family and much more heavy. We are not trying to stimulate tears. If the audiences watched the series before, we believe everyone will feel emotional when seeing the same cast members have different encounters after many years of love knots.

Unforgettable when Dashing on Staircases

C: The series is re-broadcasted lately and the memories will return slowly. Our looks are different as well.

J: It will be weird if our looks are the same. Actually, I have major changes that is a dashing man now.

C: Haha! I definitely agree. The biggest improvement is Cho Ko Ko (初哥哥) gets to talk and I am unused to it in the beginning. You used sign language in the past and your voice is nice when listening to you talking again.

J: Fortunately, you mention it. 15 years ago, you did things slowly but you have accumulated enriching experiences now. It is a drastic difference.

C: Thank you for your guidance 15 years ago and most unforgettable was when you brought us to Ruins of St. Paul's in Macau.

J: In fact, it is dangerous but we were not afraid and took scooter together.

C: It is very dangerous but I trust you.

J: I cannot trust myself and what makes you to trust me? This time, I do not think about ticket sales and only want to do my part well and the rest will leave it to the audiences. I have no idea why it is successful previously and I was thinking why did it change to 'The Moonlight at the 5th of October (十月初五的月光)'.

C: Yes but it happened a long time ago and who can remember?

J: It was known as The Streets of Macau (澳門街) originally and the series became popular subsequently. It showed the amended name was good as meaningful and romantic.

J: Looking at the role again, Cho Ko Ko (初哥哥) is a good person, makes sacrifices, humorous and loves one person in his whole life. It is extremely rare and I hope to meet similar person. Cho Ko Ko (初哥哥) and I have similar characteristic and we are kind-hearted people.

C: When you are quiet? Haha! Joking only.

J: I have many things to learn from Cho Ko Ko (初哥哥) such as contributing to the family and once is not enough and based on accumulative. We will do better for the sake of family.

C: Talking about family members, it reminds me of your dog. Haha!

J: Sigh! I am thinking of destroying it as it always passes motion around the house. It is quite obedient but emotional at times...... It makes me evil when mentioning about it.

Did not Dream of Marriage

C: Initially, Kwan Ho was spoilt and only cared about dating but the god allowed major problem to happen. This time, it involves family and children. I do not have children in reality and everyone needs to grow up continuously.

J: Kwan Ho continues to search for true love and this happens to Charmaine too.

C: But I have no idea when I can find him and will tell you if manages to. I will set age limit in the past but does not now as it is over.

J: You must continue to think as one must have dreams.

C: Before 80 years old? Marriage is not mandatory and let's nature take its course.

J: Really no boyfriend now?

C: Nope and any guys to introduce?

J: I love to be matchmaker and feel happy when knowing my friends are dating. I will help you to find although unsuccessful in the past but you might be the first one to succeed.

C: Huh? No success before?

J: Haha! Sorry and I will reflect on myself.

Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal
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