Friday, November 27, 2015

Moses Chan wants to teach his children how to enjoy life

Artiste Moses Chan (陳豪) was filming for a new advertisement and he was dressed in male jazz style outfit. Moses looked 100% like a doll figure standing on top of a giant cake. On the day of shooting, the dessert master for the advertisement personally visited the site. Moses said that he liked the style he was wearing, which brings out the charm of a man!

Love new challenges

A ten and a half feet high half sphere was purposely designed for the shoot and when Moses was standing on top of it, it felt like a doll figure standing on top of a cake. Moses said: "I am not afraid of heights. Everyday, I like to stimulate myself with new challenges, but this time I am standing on something which is ten-and-a-half feet high. The half sphere is only supported with an iron bar at the back, allowing the shape to rotate around. Extra care is needed when I'm posing differently each time!" The filming process went very smoothly and was completed with a pre-determined timeframe. After filming, Moses took photos with the staff and everyone even praised for his professionalism and friendliness.

Detailed requirements for food

When Moses was asked what type of challenges he enjoyed doing, Moses said: "When I was young, I like to try everything, despite whether it was bad or good. As I got older, I could make decisions to do things on my own and know how to enjoy life. I am very stringent on some things, especially when it comes to eating. I need to eat good food and it cannot be food bad for my stomach! The taste of food is very important and I like the feeling of trying new food".

Savoring life

Besides having a happy family, Moses enjoys savoring life. Moses said: "Being very busy everyday, I do cherish my family time even when I'm out working. I will always remember anniversaries or holidays and create a surprise for my family, so they could be happy and celebrate. I do not exaggerate for the surprises, it can be very simple such as gifting a cake! I like giving cakes to my loved ones, friends and family, because cakes have different styles and taste, it can also be shared with adults and children".

Taking time to spend with his children

Moses will soon become a father to his third child and he was asked of his feeling, he said: "I will soon be a father of three children, the most important is to do well in my job and provide a good living environment for them. I also take the time to spend it with my children and watch them grow up. The children are more happy compared to when I was younger, such as the change of lifestyle, learning resources and the care from their families are more comprehensive than before. I do not spoil them too much by buying them a lot of toys. I hope they do understand that happiness is not inevitable. Success depends on their own efforts and pay-out. However, I want to make a sweetness in their lives and give them encouragement at the appropriate time. Time to time, I want them to have a piece of cake as dessert and enjoy life at the same time. In addition, one thing that I want them not to be stingy on, is love".

Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: lucychoi559 @ Asian E-News Portal
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