Thursday, August 13, 2015

Patrick Tse: Kenneth Tsang deserves to be hit

Artistes Wu Fung (胡楓), Kenneth Tsang (曾江), Patrick Tse (謝賢) and Joe Junior attended TVB's variety program 4 Amigos Bon Voyage (4 個小生去旅行) press conference. During the press conference, Patrick Tse expressed his dissatisfaction towards Kenneth Tsang during filming of the variety program and angrily started cursing at Kenneth.

NB: The following is a dialogue of the incident:

Patrick: "This time filming 4 Amigos Bon Voyage was an exciting thing, but one Amigo was disabled. You know who is the disabled one right? This is not a problem, no matter how disabled you are, we can take care of you right? But I cannot believe that at the start of 2-3 days of filming, he needed to sit in a wheelchair. This is also not a problem, but he sat in the wheelchair from the start to the end. During those times, we had to think of the best solution to take care of him. I had a feeling that he was toying with us. Just like yesterday, I read the newspaper about him, saying he had a nosebleed for 4 hours. This mother X nose bled for 4 hours, you should have been dead".

Kenneth: It was 4 hours.

Patrick: Then why didn't you die?

Kenneth: It stopped after I had an injection.

Patrick: So you had an injection after bleeding for 4 hours? Don't talk! So the wheelchair thing, did you plan it? You mother XX. You had many of us taking turns to push you. You didn't have to be like that!

Kenneth: I didn't want to, you thought I wanted to?

Patrick: So you didn't wanted to? I know you are very active.

Kenneth: I'm still limping right now.

Patrick: Limping? At least I know you very well than anyone else right?

Kenneth: That's right.  

Patrick: Do not play in front of me, I'm telling you. Also...this I won't say. You mother XX!

Patrick then stood up and slapped Kenneth on the face. Wu Fung and Joe Junior also stood up to stop the fight between the two.

Patrick continued with the argument and verified that he didn't want to hit him at TVB, but Kenneth fought back and said "So you want to hit me here?" Patrick then said: "I can hit you wherever you are!"

Later Patrick angrily walked out of the press conference room, telling Kenneth to never see him again.

After the incident, Patrick accepted ON.CC's (東網) interview, he was in a relaxed tone and obviously his mood was not affected by the incident. He was also talking and laughing during the interview. He was asked about his mood, he said: "My mood is better now, just read the newspaper tomorrow and you will know!" He was asked whether his mood has gotten better because he has slapped someone? He said: "Of course I have to hit him, have you seen me this angry before? I have never been this angry in 20 years of filming!" He was also asked what other things would make him angry, but he did not reply.

Source: ON.CC (HK) 
Translated by: lucychoi559 @ Asian E-News Portal
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