Friday, January 13, 2017

Ruco Chan hides in a toilet during a movie premiere before gaining popularity

TV King, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) was dressed up as a "pilot to attend a shopping mall event at Hang Hau and when asked if his jobs increased after crowing as TV King, he replied the jobs were accepted before winning the award. Asking if he felt he was at a disadvantaged, Ruco revealed his manager helped him to accept jobs at "discounted" rates: "Every client wishes to work with me and it is for long term purpose."

When the reporters asked if he requested for being paid at $30,000 per episode as he was given $3,000 per episode upon renewing the contract in the past, Ruco denied it: "I can retire if really pay at $30,000 per episode and only need to film 2 series. (Buy property?) I am not considered well-off yet and must continue to work harder. (But the news reported that TV King and Queen's salaries are more than that rate.) I need to work harder then. (Plan to buy property?) It is every Hong Kong citizens' dream but it is impossible for me this year and I plan to find an apartment for the whole family to live together. (Does your rates increase?) Of course not. Only the senior management know the full details. Winning award is definitely a recognition for me and I can walk further this year."

Subsequently, the issue about Ruco was "frozen" due to rejecting former ATV film producer, Yeung Siu Hung (楊紹鴻) suggested him to act as Bruce Lee (李小龍) in his book earlier, Ruco said: "It is real but acts as a catalyst only as many things happen before that. But, I do not sign contract at that time and there is some restructuring in senior management at that that. They want me to wear a tight fit top with Bruce Lee's picture and ATV wants to give me opportunity to learn."

It is pointed that Ruco hid in the toilet during a movie premiere before, he said: "I feel very embarrassed as nobody takes photo of me at that time. Hence, I find a place to hide and come out when the opening ceremony is starting. (Need not hide in the toilet now?) Hopefully, unless need to go to the toilet. (Feel your efforts pay off after crowing as TV King?) I refrain from thinking this way and do not feel proud of it. I join showbiz for 21 years and have more friends in TVB now."

Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal
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