Sunday, December 4, 2016

Raymond Lam becomes bald in new series; Karena Ng says she cannot imagine it

Actress Karena Ng (吳千語) attended a charity dinner banquet and expressed she gained 1kg after going to Japan with her boyfriend, Raymond Lam (林峯): "I eat everyday and have 2 sets of dinner such as steamboat and pasta. He eats it and watches me eat it too. (What is your weight?) Around 46 or 47kg."

When mentioned about having zero interaction at the airport, Karena said: "We face each other everyday and nothing much to say now." Asking about the celebration for Raymond's birthday on 8th December as he was currently working in Hangzhou, Karena replied she needed to film movie in Beijing and their vacation was considered a celebration. When asked about the gift, Karena said: "I have given him long ago and it is not in a hurry. (Plan any marriage date?) Too early and it does not cross my mind. (Does he want to?) He is focusing on his career now and everyone gets married and have baby late. I am only 23 years old now and will think about it when in late twenties."

Asking if she was worried if it was hard for Raymond to grow his hair back as he needed to become bald in Mainland China new series, Karena said: "Cannot image it and I am worried that he will feel cold. (Looking forward to it?) It seems like becoming another person." When asked if she will give him hat, Karena responded he had many hats. Commenting that they resembled an old couple and unnecessary to give each other gift, Karena said: "Yes, he does not give me birthday gift this year and it does not matter, as he will buy something for me whenever working in overseas. (Can give gifts on any days?) Yes, as we do not have the heart to do it. (Does he feel sad?) Nope."

Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal
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